When I saw Koi Mil Gaya for the first time in 2003, it quickly became one of my favourite movies.

It had elements such as an underdog to achiever storyline, aliens, friendship, and comedy. The combination of all these, along with Hrithik Roshan’s brilliant performance won me over. I hadn’t yet seen E.T. then and this movie was the closest my 8 year old self had come to alien sci-fi adventure.

Over the years, among other things, the distinct theme music of the film stuck with me as did the computer interface used in the movie to communicate with aliens.

So as a tribute, I combined both of those to create Jadoo, a web app that attempts to replicate the interface from the film. Works only in Chrome/Opera now. Try it with sound!

Check out the source here.

jadoo screenshot

Tags: #projects #javascript