DISKPART saves the day

Last month, when my laptop’s hard disk failed hard, all my work came to a grinding halt.

In a desperate attempt to restore order to the universe, I installed Ubuntu on it. I used two pen drives; one as a bootable drive and the other to actually store the OS and data.

Now this make-shift setup worked for a week or so before the performance degradation due to running an OS out of a pen drive became too much to handle. I ended up assembling a custom PC and joining the #PCMasterRace.

Anyway, when I plugged in the pen drives from before, to my surprise, one of the drives wasn’t being recognized by Windows while the other drive showed its capacity as 2MB(!). I, being a noob at such things, thought there was nothing I could do about the drives..

..until I came across DISKPART utility after thorough googling.

Here’s what I did:

# run CMD as administrator
list disk
select disk 4 #mine was 4
create partition primary
format fs=ntfs quick

Tags: #miscellaneous #howto